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About Us.

I would love to be one of those writers who claim they started early and have been published all over the place, but I am not. I got started in my early 50s writing for travel junkies like me on Facebook on a group I started called Blue Firefly Traveler. It started as just a site to share vacation stories and has grown to a great place to decide where you want to go, share travel tips, and anything else travel related. 

I grew up in southern California and Tim is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana so we are quite the match!

We took our first vacation together in 2018 to Italy and traveled to 4 parts of Italy in 2 weeks. It was a whirlwind trip and I will be slowly traveling there again and again forever!

Tim & I have 2 cats, Mayzee & Gunther who hate each other but seem to travel well even though they are prone to hissy fits when one gets more attention than the other. 

We have 3 kids and a grandson who is the love of my life, living back in Fargo North Dakota.

I am a certified Travel Agent and a licensed Insurance Producer who runs a fully independent and remote insurance brokerage. 

Tim worked for Ford for 16 years and is now semi-retired doing drone and editing video work on the side. 

We love to travel full-time and are working hard at sustaining that by marketing this brand as much as we can to get gas and flight money. Help us out by subscribing to our Youtube channel and visiting our shop here on the website. 

Thanks for stopping by y'all.

Tammy & Tim

Venice, Italy
Fussen, Austria
Vienna, Austria
Graubünden, Switzerland
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