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Travel Budget Journal 2023

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Budgeting while traveling is seriously the only way to make this lifestyle work. I have been through the ups, and downs of keeping my budget in check. Finally, adding this to my daily list of to-do's in my journal was the only way to keep me accountable.

Here are a few page layouts that could help you stay on track.

Bujo budget keeping

Simple tracking can be ideal for some. Anyone who tells you there is one specific way to keep track of your expenses in a journal is sorely mistaken. It is all based on your individual style. Some people still keep a simple checkbook from the old days of checking without the Internet. (Thank goodness those days are over).

I am more of a multiple-page tracker. I need an expenses page, an incomes page, a groceries cost tracker, a credit cards snowball method payoff tracker, a gasoline cost tracker for the van, trackers for debts owed to me, trackers to watch the dollar compared to the Turkish lira-British pound- and Euro.

It's a wonder I'm not actually MORE confused when its all said and done, but these help me look to see at-a-glance, where my money is being spent (or misspent)

budget trackers

The above journal layout is great for a simple look at balances. Feel free to copy-paste and print anything you can from my website.

Holiday Budget Worksheet

Even though were full-timers, doesn't mean those trips to Rome and Paris cant be separated as vacations. We use this one for those vacations. There are a few ways to do this but make sure you incorporate these expenses in your monthly budget as well. Try sticking to your budgeted amounts as these can quickly blow your budget out of the water if you aren't careful.

Travel Budget Planner

The next one is great for credit cards and monthly bills like internet, utilities, cell phones, etc...

Expense Tracker

The next page is what we use for expenses like eating out, entertainment, and any other "extras" we don't usually incur. By keeping separate trackers on this, we easily found out why we were over budget all the time (Uber Eats is the Devil BTW).


This little cute layout is great for groceries and home stuff. Make sure you are looking at this page regularly. I was shocked to see we were spending so much on Starbucks! (my bad).

Spending Tracker

This last page is ideal for reigning in those expenses you KNOW you are overspending on. We used this for our deficit for just one month and realized we had been spending way too much on snacks and not enough on actual groceries.

Budget spending log

Budgeting is hard. Don't get frustrated though. The more you track what you are spending, the more you will reign it in.

Knowing where your money is going is the key.

Please feel free to copy-paste anything you can to help you track what you need to.

Did you know I am a financial professional?

To finance our life on the road, I am an Independent Licensed Insurance Broker.

If you have any questions or want a quote on Life, Health, Annuities, or Accident Insurance, please contact me.



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